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Nairobi City Headquarters Arch Surveys Equipment About Arch surveys

Location in Nairobi

Our headquarters are located at Windsor House in the CBD of Nairobi close to the University of Nairobi. Arch Surveys is staffed with the people to undertake the various tasks of Land survey tasks.

Well Equipped

in Keeping up with the latest technological requirements - Arch Survey has invested in up to date surveying and cartographic equipment relevant to the field.

About Us

Founded in 1992 by Bibiana Achieng Omalla. Was originally situated at City Hall Annex in the city Center but has since moved to the current more ....

At Arch Surveys we go the extra mile to help you achieve your dreams. If at all you don't get the right info this website then just CONTACT US detailing your needs and we will get back to you asap.