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Cadastral surveys involve accurate determination of property boundaries in order to use resulting documents to secure titles or rights to land. In Kenya this survey is done on government grants, Subdivision of existing titles and on identification of existing titles where owners are not sure of their boundaries.

Since 1992 Arch Surveys has carried out several cadastral surveys for individuals, Institutions and cooperatives.

We have helped hundreds of thousands realize their dreams of property ownership by subdivision of several schemes, family land and new allocations. We have been at hand to identify and reestablish property boundaries in a professional way and avoid disputes between neighbors. We never abandon our clients from the stage of survey to the time they have the title documents in their possession.

Our motto is always  ”if it is not measured then it is not real”. 

Some of the several cadastral projects we have been involved in are listed below.

  • Subdivision of 2346 Acres into over 1600 one acre plots for Drumvale Farmers Co-operative Society in Nairobi. Boundary beacons re-established before subdivision. FR Nos.221/84 – 92, 238/198, 235/18, 233/60, 233/61.  Client:  Drumvale F.C. Society Ltd. P.O. Box 41976 NAIROBI.
  • Planning and subdivision of portion M3 Malindi into over 600 plots of 0.4 Ha for the Malindi Municipality.  FR Nos. 243/13 –17, 233/11 – 12. Client:  Malindi Municipal Council.
  • Kitale Municipality site and service scheme phase II planning and subdivision.  FR Nos. 241/82, 241/50,246/116. Boundary beacons re-established before subdivision. Client:  Kitale Municipal Council.                                                    
  • Mavoko Town BLK XII and ATHI RIVER BLK 12 over 1600 plots of 5 Acres each from 5000 Ha perimeter survey carried out first. Topo Survey done and machine plots produced before subdivision.  Boundary beacons re-established before subdivision. Client:  Drumvale F.C. Society P.O. Box 41976 NAIROBI. 
  • Perimeter survey and subdivision of 2000 Ha into 3500 plots for Katelembu Farmers Co-operative Society Ltd.  Topo Survey and machine plots done before the ground survey. Boundary beacons re-established before subdivision.   Client:  Katelembu A.M. F. Coop. Society Ltd. P.O. Box 140 MACHAKOS.
  • Several Ranch surveys done in Narok district involving Boundary fixing before subdivisions.  Most Ranches over 1000 Ha.
  • Njiru Nairobi subdivision into 300 plots for Ndirikania Land Buying Company.  FR Nos. 247/79 – 80: Boundary re-established before survey.
  • Topo Survey, planning and subdivision of LR 8914 area 2000 Acres for Ngelani Ranching into 100 plots.  Boundary beacons re-established before subdivision.  Client:  Ngelani Ranching Unity P.O. Box 233 ATHI RIVER.
  • Subdivision of 200 Hectares. Into over 800 plots in KJD/KAPUTIEI NORTH/3036 and 3037 Kajiado District for Chuna Housing Co-operative Society Ltd. P.O.Box 30197 Nairobi.
  • Subdivision of 1000 Acres into 200 plots for Marakwet Development Group in Eldoret. 
  • Subdivision of LR 10201/2 Karen.  Client: Nisha Van Hoek.  P.O. Box 35582 NAIROBI.
  • Subdivision of LR 209/8861 Industrial area. Client: Synresins Ltd      P .O. Box 18725 NAIROBI
  • Subdivision of LR 330/702 Lavington. Client: Mr. G. N. Githunguri. P.O. Box 60437 NAIROBI.
  • Boundary and Topo Survey of proposed factory site for Athi River Mining Company.
  • Subdivision of 229 commercial plots for Drumvale Farmers Co. Society in Nairobi/Komarock. FR Nos.289/18, 293/23, 293/22
  • Subdivision of LR. Nos.18040, 22905 and 15298 for Maseno University Retirement Benefits scheme Private bag Maseno. Over 265 plots created for development of residential plots for members.
  • 2006-2007: Subdivision of Lr No 20926 in Kisumu into 242 plots for Housing development. Roads and service lines were marked out and surveyed. Client: Mauwwa Women’s Group. P.O. Box 34954, Nairobi.
  • 2007-2008 Survey of road of access to Lr No.12056 over Lr. No 13057 For University of Nairobi. Client UON. Box 30197, Nairobi
  • 2008 –2009 Picking of Ken Gen sites in Garissa for preparation of PDPs, letters of allotment; Survey and preparation of deed Plans.  Client, Kenya Electricity Generating Co. Ltd. P.O.Box 47936, Nairobi.
  • 2008-present: Survey of 750 plots For Muyeye Asili Welfare Soc.  P.O. Box 5448 in Malindi. Currently at Deed plans preparation. Being done in phases due to slow process at Survey of Kenya. Proposed roads and service lines were surveyed
  • October 2010-Nov 2010:  Identification of Property Boundary and Re-establishment of Beacons in 187.79 Acres for the Multimedia University College of Kenya
  • Jan-Feb 2011: Boundary Identification on Lr No 7158/105.Spring Valley. Client- Archforms
  • Sept 2011: Beacons identification on Lr 11407 Juja. Area 30 acres. Client Armstrong and Duncan, Box 40426, Nairobi.
  • Sept-October 2011: Beacons identification on Lr 21081 off Waiyaki way for Pest Control Produce Board. Area 12 acres. Lead consultant- Fairplan Architects, P. O. Box8621, Nairobi.
  • Aug 2011 to present: Chief surveyors in a consortium for Design of Machakos-Masii Road. Engineering Survey for design of the road, Road reserve survey, controls along the road, acquisition diagram preparation. Lead consultant A.P.C.A. P.O. Box 41198-00100, Nairobi.


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